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2019 Events Calendar:

Sunday 2 Feb: GOSNELLS ALL BREED SHOW @ Karinya EP, Orange Grove. Camping available

Pinjarra Equestrian Association - annual All Breeds Spectacular 
29th March 2020, Proudly sponsored by WABA Inc.
  Event Cancelled due to coronavirus

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WABA AGM 2019 Sunday 8th December 12.30pm  - Gosnells Hotel Crn Albany Hwy & Fremantle Rd

WABA Inc 2019/20 State Championships and Futurities 

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The Western Australian Buckskin Association Inc. or WABA as it is often referred, was established for the breeding, registration & showing of Buckskin and or Dun plus associated colours Cremello/Perlino, Palomino/Cream Appendix A & B and Appendix/Foundation horses in Western Australia. The WABA is a colour registry not a breed registry and even though we recognise different breeds, our primary interest is in horses that carry the correct colour genetics required to be registered.  The WABA is affiliated with National Buckskin Association (Victoria), NSW, SA & TAS, who combine to form the Buckskin Association Australia. All Society's registrations are transferable, with each society offering reciprocal showing rights.

We are a 'not for profit' Incorporated Association first established in 1976. All profit is channelled straight back into the Association for the benefit of our members.

Our colour code is not unique but our isolation has allowed us to establish a very clear understanding of Buckskin and Dun colour and we have registered them separately since 1978.

Buckskin, Palomino, Cremello and Perlino horses are amongst the oldest recognised colours in history and can only be achieved by breeding a horse carrying the Cream gene and the base colours Black (Bay or Brown) or Chestnut. The best way to describe this is: If you keep breeding horses carrying the cream gene, back to each other you may end up with a Cremello or Perlino and if you breed a Cremello or Perlino to a Bay, Brown, Black or Chestnut you have a 100% guaranteed Buckskin or Palomino. There are no known hereditary defects associated with the cream gene and it is perfectly safe to breed any combination of cream.

The Dun Factor is seen in some of the oldest recognised breeds in the world and can be carried by any coloured horse and coupled with any colour characteristic. Duns registered with WABA must have a permanent Dorsal Stripe

The WABA only register solid coloured horses carrying the Duns primal markings. The lightening effect (lack of iridescence) seen in the base coat of duns, has no connection or similarity to the diluting effect of the cream gene carried by Buckskin, Palomino, Cremello & Perlino. Currently there are 2 genes which can be tested for which produce Dun Primal markings the first test was established in 2011 and is referred to as Dun in most testing labs and WABA recognise as True Dun the second was established in 2015 and is referred to as Countersade (Dun) and WABA only recognise this gene when combined with a cream gene.

Buckskin/Dun Registry: for Buckskin and or Dun coloured horses.

Cremello/Perlino Registry: for Cremello and Perlino coloured horses. CPRWA.

Cream Appendix Class A & B (Palomino): for Palomino coloured horses; this registry is recognised by the Royal Agricultural Society of WA and these horses may be shown at the Perth Royal Show in Palomino Section Classes in Horse Breeding or any open breed show.

Cream Appendix Class C: any solid coloured horse which carries a cream or dun gene as well as a colour genes unacceptable for main registries ie; grey, roan, 

Appendix: progeny of any of the above registries.

Foundation: any solid coloured mare acceptable for WABA breeding.

Cream Appendix class C, Appendix and Foundation have classes at all WABA events.

For more information on colour and the different registries please go to Colour Information Page.

We hope you find our website interesting and informative, please do not hesitate to contact any of our committee members for further information or assistance.

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