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Western Australian Buckskin Association 

The Registry for Buckskin, Cremello, Dun, Palomino & Perlino horses in WA.


Registration Requirements

Applications for Registration can only be accepted by a financial member of the Association. An Application for Membership may be lodged with a Registration Application.

Registration Application's are submitted on the prescribed form available to be downloaded on the Forms Page or by contacting the Secretary if you require forms to be posted out.

Horses eligible for Registration: Must conform to the Colour Code on the Colour Information Page. There is no preferred type, however, it is required that the horse or pony be a good representation of its breed. There is no height or age barrier on eligibility for registration. Horses registered with a recognized breed society are systematically accepted as long as they have the correct colour genetics.

All Classifications are initially assessed with photos to help identify colour. (The size of our state makes it difficult to visually classify horses.) Some horses may require a visual classification and/or a veterinary certificate of hereditary soundness. A DNA hair colour test may be requested of any horse whose colour is not clear.

Each application submitted must included: Signed Registration Application, the requested photo's, copies of all other registrations, Membership Application (new members) and prescribed Fees.


Colt Foal Recording: Any Buckskin and/or Dun, Cremello/Perlino or Cream Appendix under the age of 2 which conforms to the requirements of the Association. Colts must be sire or gelding registered before they turn 3 years.

Buckskin/Dun & Cremello/Perlino

Sire Registration: A stallion, 2 years and over, which conforms to the requirements of the Association.

Mare and Gelding Registration: A mare/filly or gelding, any age, which conforms to the requirements of the Association.

Mares or Geldings who were Foal Recorded before the requirement for foal recording was removed on 1st July 2013 will still be required to be adult registered as a Mare or Gelding before they turn 3 years. Any questions please contact the Secretary or Registrar.

Palomino, Champagne, Appendix and Foundation Registries:

Palomino CLASS A - with recognised Stud Book parentage.

Palomino Class B - with non recognised parentage i.e tobiano parent.

WABA Palomino registry is recognised at open shows including Perth Royal Show.

CLASS C = Carries the cream gene, is solid coloured but carries an unaccepted colour gene for Buckskin stud book registration i.e. Palomino/Silver, Buckskin/grey, Cremello/Roan, Buckskin/overo etc.

Champagne: any solid coloured Champagne, may carry the cream gene aswell I.e. Amber Cream Champagne

Appendix Horse: A horse which is the progeny of a Buckskin or Dun but has not inherited the cream or dun gene.

Foundation Mare: Any mare considered to be suitable to breed Buckskin & Duns.

Horses submitted for Registration must be:

1. Named. Name should match any previous registration and include Stud Prefix if applicable.

2. Must have a registered Brand, Microchipped and/or DNA tested.

3. Must not be showing any characteristics of Pied = Sabino (on body coat), Overo, Tobiano or Splash), Spotted, Silver/Taffy, Champagne (excepting Silver/Dun & Champagne/Dun), Pearl, Roan, Grey or the smut/sooty gene. Solid coloured Buckskin and or Dun with parents that have any of the above characteristics may be accepted for registration. Duns accepted for registration may only carry one other solid colour modifier other than 'agouti' . Any horse submitted for registration may require a genetic hair colour test to determine colour.

4. Must not be the progeny of Standardbred.

5. Owners of Buckskins or Duns without the above requirements may apply for registration under the Hardship Clause - Clause 11. and will need to contact the Registrar.

"Rules of Association" (Constitution) and "Regulations of the Association" are available on the Constitution/Regulations Page.

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